Share Your Stories

Be Part of History

We have already heard from many individuals who have great stories to tell about their experiences at The Armory, whether they grew up in the community or were visiting. You’ve told us about attending concerts, having your high school proms, holding wedding receptions, using the old swimming pool in the basement, watching wrestling tournaments or stopping by a home and garden show. Most importantly, we’ve begun to learn about the soldiers who were prepared and sent out to serve our country as members of the Army National Guard. Their sacrifices were the most humbling and respectable as we redeveloped The Armory into a destination that’s reflective of its proud past and a living symbol of Shiawassee County’s economic and community strength.

We want to hear more, and we’d love pictures or other artifacts you may be willing to share with us as we continue to tell The Armory’s story.  There are several ways to do this:

  • Post on our Facebook page
  • Send us an e-mail at
  • Call us at 989-723-5149
  • Stop by the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce’s offices in the Armory at 215 N. Water Street in Owosso

Make sure to leave your contact information so we can follow up with you.

All photos and artifacts can be returned if you wish once the project is complete. Donated items will also be graciously accepted. Thank you to the people and organizations who have already dropped off pictures and other historical items. We look forward to compiling everything into a fun and educational glimpse of the past!